Tier One Personnel Group Inc.


Tier One Personnel Group Inc.


Tier One Personnel Group is the evolution of intelligence and operations in the environment.  We use cutting edge technology, to ensure our intelligence professionals receive near-real-time battlespace awareness to seamlessly integrate intelligence functions, with disciplined operations.  Our personnel provide seamless integration of intelligence data and operational experience for any operation, anywhere…

TOP G Inc shall provide expert advice, assistance, guidance and/or counseling in support of an agency's mission-oriented business functions. 

Services include, but not limited to:

  • Intelligence Solutions

  • Human Terrain Mapping Solutions

  • Counter IED Solutions

  • Effective Counter IED training

  • Principle Personnel Security and Active Shooter Scenario Solutions

  • Studies, analyses, scenarios and reports relating to an agency's mission-oriented business programs or initiatives, such as defense studies, tabletop exercises or scenario simulations, educational studies, regulatory or policy studies, and disaster preparedness studies

  • Force protection implementation and policy issues

  • Advisory and assistance services


Tier One Personnel Group Inc.

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